Picking a Kitchen Rug

One of the hardest things I ever experienced when I moved into a new house was picking rugs. Picking a kitchen rug on the other hand, was a lot of work, more than I even imagined. There is so much that goes into picking the right rug – we are talking about rug construction, design, and of course rug size. In effort to save you hours of figuring out what to pick, I broke it down for you with some real helping rug tips so you don’t have to go through all the trouble and research I had to do when I made my final kitchen rug selections.

 Whether you are choosing a small round kitchen table or a long rectangular dining table – the rug you choose is just not about size. It’s also about rug durability and rug construction. Food drops on your rug – whether you are messy or not, spills are inevitable, especially in the kitchen. When picking a kitchen rug, the safest bet is to pick a rug that could withstand the outdoors, or a patio rug. Indoor Outdoor rugs can be cleaned with a hose, so imagine how easy it would be after a night of fun with your friends, that like your dishes, you can grab your rug and take it outside, hose it down and viola, your rug is clean! I guess you can’t really do that wish dishes, but you get the idea – kitchen rug cleaned with a hose is like what dishes are to a dishwasher. There are so many beautiful indoor-outdoor rugs you can choose from now too. A lot of people are afraid to buy a rug for the kitchen, so picking a rug for the kitchen in the right construction will calm your fears. Seriously – go indoor outdoor rug, you won’t be disappointed on this!! If you aren’t crazy about an indoor-outdoor rug, consider a rug that doesn’t have a ton of weave to it or isn’t plush or made of cotton – in fact flat weave rugs are probably the most popular for the dining room. Food gets in places you don’t want to know about with your rug so go with flat. Also, thick weave rugs can be hard to clean. Sisal and Jute rugs can be spot cleaned – but I use to have one, and it wasn’t my favorite in the kitchen. I just don’t want to spot clean my sisal rugs every house party that I have. If you find a rug that is machine washable – well hey we know that would be a win for your dining area!

Let’s talk a little about picking the right rug look or rug design for your kitchen space. Let’s be honest, the kitchen is where the party is at. How many nights do you have people over and they are hanging out away from the food and drink? For some reason the kitchen draws people in for great conversation and it’s accessible to everything you need, even the front door when you need to leave the most party house party. So, if the kitchen space is the place to be, why isn’t the kitchen one of the most important places to design when designing your home look and creating the perfect living space? We spend most of our home time in the kitchen, think about it! Why wouldn’t you want to pick décor that finishes your kitchen space and brings your entire kitchen look together? Rugs do that people – rugs finish your living space, no matter what part of your home you are talking about. Now for me, although I am a woman of color – the brighter the rug the better I feel. I love bright everything in my house – I am going to steer you clear of anything dramatic and bright and crazy pattern in your kitchen. I know, some of you are probably falling off your dining chair, no pun intended. Whether or not you are picking a runner rug or just a rug to go underneath the table – call me boring, but I really love a neutral rug in the kitchen, this allows for more opportunity to dress up your table in different décor throughout the year. Picking something neutral like a navy-blue rug or a gray rug or a beige rug or even a multi colored outdoor rug is a safe bet for kitchen rug options. The reason I say that is because for me, like I said before, I really want the space to come together for an evening or just for a family dinner – I want room to grow with my dining top design. I want the space to feel cohesive and warm, but like I said, table top décor is important to me too. If I have a Halloween Party or a Christmas Cookie themed party or a Wine night with my girlfriends – all those nights call for different table top décor. Table Top décor that is well thought through and if I have this rug that is screaming at my table top décor – that is no rug I want in the kitchen. Although, a lot of people will say the kitchen rug is the most fun to make a statement in your home – so to each their own, for me, I would rather make a statement with what is on top of the table, than what is on the bottom. One word of advice however, picking a pattern rug is going to be a safe bet if you are looking to hide minor rug stains. A dining rug that hides dirt is always the best choice. So really – the safe bet, and the bet that makes the most sense if you do ANY entertaining, even if it’s a kid’s birthday party is a neutral kitchen rug in some sort of design that won’t fight your table top look – plain and simple. And don’t call me plain – but I just don’t want to be the middle man between my rug and my table top décor as the duke it out.

Now let’s talk about rug sizes. Picking the right rug size can be tricky. Take it from me, when I moved into a new house, I had to take measurements of every hallway, bedroom, living space, and of course all our furniture to make sure that the rugs that I was purchasing would fit and give my house the finished look that it was going for. Bigger is always better, isn’t it? We are still talking kitchen rugs, get your head out of the gutter. When we are talking dining tables – whether it’s a rectangular dining table or a round dining table or even a square dining table. That rug should be slightly bigger than your actual table – not too big – we don’t need a rug that is too big causing commotion. A rug that is just right in size means a rug that is approximately 24” or 24 inches beyond the table size – even 3 feet longer than your dining table is safe. So, if your dining table is 6 feet long, then you need a rug that is approximately 8 or 9 feet long. Why do you need a larger rug than your table size you ask? Well, every table has chairs, so it’s just enough room for your table and your dining chairs and your dining rug! Everybody and everything taking part in the dining experience wins here.

If you walk away with anything – walk away with a durable constructed rug, with a rug pattern that is neutral but still speaks to you, and of course the right size rug so your chairs are tipping or your guests or family aren’t getting caught up in the rug every time you leave the table. And be safe – non-slip rugs are best! Happy Rug Hunting!!

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