Trend Alert - Small Space Sofas

With the growing number of high-rise condominiums across Arizona, it is no wonder that small space sofas are trending. We are seeing a surge of customers coming in and wanting their sofa to fit in sometimes less than a 200 square foot living room. We are also seeing customers want to add a small space sofa to an office or study or even a bedroom, guestroom or a reading room. Let’s not leave out the fact that children and teenagers are getting sofas in their bedroom as well – so small space sofas are a great addition and if you buy from Sofa Shack and get them something durable – they can even take it off to college with them!

At Sofa Shack, another small space trend that has emerged is that we are seeing a surge of customers from students in Tempe wanting small space sofas that are not only small, but also stylish as so many of our student customers are ramping up their social media game and utilizing their sofas as backdrops to their Instagram stories, Facebook photos or videos.

Although our customers are looking for small space sofas and they may be on a furniture buying budget, one thing that we know is they don’t want a sofa from IKEA that is going to last only 3 months of use or their first college party. Who wants to wait in the Tempe Ikea long lines anyway and fight having to walk thru the entire store, to then figure out how you are going to deliver it to your place without paying a fortune for their subcontracted delivery drivers. If you haven’t figured it out, I have bought from there before… and as an interior designer, I have changed my mantra on furniture buying since my college days. You would be surprised; college students are getting this way before I did – must be that Pinterest and blogs like these are available to them.

From a manufacturers standpoint we have seen an increase in the making of small space sofas too – far more than any other sofa type. We are seeing a lot more of the midcentury modern sofa in basically every color you can possibly imagine with gorgeous shapely wooden legs. We are also seeing a rise in jewel tone and velvet collection style sofas – also in every color you can possibly imagine – color is big this year for living spaces again – although – we are still seeing a steady pace with the gray sofa or neutral colored sofa for the family or living room.

Another huge small space sofa trend we are seeing this year is that sofas are becoming more shapely sofas or having a real “figure” to them as well as sofas that either have some sort of tufting, extra threading or needlework, or a couch with just a little more character to it – like wood trim. We are seeing more detail in the sofa legs and a lot more creation of leatherette type of sofas – which is basically a nice faux leather. With that said – interestingly enough, love seats that went out of style years ago, are coming back into style because they really work for small spaces. We are seeing more love seats frequent the living rooms of our Sofa buying customers whereas their accompanying regular sized sofa may have taken a backseat if the couch buy customer’s space doesn’t allow for the larger regular sized sofa.

Futons also have been huge this year – they were once associated with the poor ASU student, but are now trendy and stylish and are great for small spaces. You can literally get a gorgeous futon with arms or tufting, and no one would even know it was “a futon”. They are huge sellers this year in our Tempe showroom – I really love the emerald velvet one.

Flying off “the shelves” so to speak of our showroom floor is also the pullout bed – or sofa bed for small spaces. Finally, you can get a sofa bed that is stylish – and again, another item, like the futon, that once received a bad rap, is making a comeback with our customers. Sofa beds have been huge in game rooms and guest bedrooms or office spaces. We have seen a lot of Airbnb and VRBO companies and customers renting out their spaces gobble up the sofa bed and futon option to allow for more guests – hey anyone in college – I am also talking to you – the sofa bed or the futon are the way to go for your living space!

Having an influx of people moving from all over the Country to work – some are getting relocated to small spaces, so we are seeing a lot of this type of customer looking for something temporary until they can find a larger home. In this case, finding a small space sofa works best, and then you can upgrade to it’s larger or regular sized sofa counterpart, if you went with a love seat, or getting two small space sofas (regular sized sofas) that are matching for your living room seems to be a great alternative when you find that larger house as opposed to the sectional (which is also making a huge comeback… but we will talk about sectionals in another trending blog post).

Custom sofas are also trending right now – and we carry a great selection of custom sofas that you can customize literally everything about them so you don’t have to compromise if you are looking for a nicer small spaced sofa for your nicer home. Regardless, you should never compromise on the quality of your small space sofa – that is why we carry the best quality product and won’t let you compromise if you want your sofa to last more than 3 months!

Whatever your sofa needs are, come on down to our showroom and let us help you design your living room or help you pick out a small space sofa for another room in your house. There is a lot of great small sofas available in the market – let us find you the one that you are looking for.
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